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YTD61 series metal extrusion hydraulic press
YTD61 series metal extrusion hydraulic press

host structure has two various structural forms are available: 1, three beam tour structural forms, spacious operation, easy maintenance, attractive appearance; 2. the overall framework structure, slider-oriented high precision, good rigidity, adjustaccuracy deviation phenomenon difficult after the host anti-aide load capability, slider rails with lubrication device.

Fuselage structure by computer optimized design has sufficient strength and stiffness.
Machine with independent hydraulic system and electrical control system. Suppress fast, especially suitable for the extrusion molding of a metallic material. Working pressure, working stroke can be adjusted according to the process need within the parameters.

Machine can Optional accumulators growth device to improve the speed of press repression, can improve the efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The hydraulic system uses the integrated system ot advanced flow cartridge valve and fluid precision filtration devices, reasonable layout, compact structure, reliable action, small hydraulic impact, long service life, reducing the connecting pipe and leak point. Tubing connected flange priority structure, reduce the incidence of oil spills. The hydraulic system is equipped with a water cooling device.

Electrical system with centralized control of the operation buttons, you can choose to have ejection, no ejection, stretching three modes of operation, each working condition can be given away, and constant pressure are two pressing manner. PLC control, equipment and technology program according to the user process requirements set, easy to operate, reliable sensitive action. The machine has to adjust, manual, semi-automatic three craft movement. With emergency atop, emergency backhaul capabilities. The electrical system in addition to the main operating outside the cabinet is also equipped with a removable console.

Semiautomatic production line work cycle, the machine's electronic control system and peripheral equipment (such as: water spray, gas, graphite equipment, furnace, etc.) to provide each other with signals or interfaces. (The project for optional items)

press is mainly applied in the extrusion of metal materials. Plasticity material pressing process can also be used, such as: stretching, bending, forming, blanking blanking, flanging and other stamping process requirements.

•Optoelecfronic protective devices
•Touch acreen
•Diaplacement aensor
•Presaure aenaor
•The workpiece on in device

Technical specifications: