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YTD79 series powder molding hydraulic press
YTD79 series powder molding hydraulic press

This series hydraulic press has "automatically (manual) adds the powder tertiary, pressurizes, lags behind the drawing of patterns" and so on the craft movement, had guaranteed the powder product takes shape the smooth exhaust and the product density is even

The hydraulic system uses inserts installs the valve integrative system, the fat liquor secondary filter system and the water cooling installment, first flange type structure, hose connection, thus guarantee machine movement stable, attacks slightly, releases the dew point to be few; Uses, the low pressure combination high pumps for the oil way, reduced the consumption.

The electrical system uses imports PLC, the time relay control^ may realize "decides the regulation control, the pressure protection" and "the pressure control, the position protection" two suppressed ways, has the adjustment, semiautomatic, the completely automatic three operating modes and "goes against the drawing of patterns, lags behind the protection drawing of patterns, the micro return trip protects the drawing of patterns" three drawing of patterns ways, by adapts each kind of performance material and the shape each different product need.

This series hydraulic press has the tetrastyle, the overall frame two kind of structural styles

This series hydraulic press adapts the multistairs, the different shape structural element powder metallurgy product production, also is profession production powder product the and so on rare earth permanent magnetism, electronic ceramics, magnetic material hard alloy, compound materials ideal takes shape the equipment.

♦The automatic Canadian powder, chooses the material equipment
♦0n, under, center auxiliary cylinders
♦Left, right flank auxiliary cylinder.
♦Touches the type industry display monitor.
♦Displacement, pressure transmitter
♦Concave mold proportion fluctuation installment
♦The micro return trip protects the drawing of patterns system
♦The machinery localization receives the handle adjustment transmission devices
♦Each kind of structure mold frame

Technical specifications: