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YTD32 series hydraulic machine
YTD32 series hydraulic machine

This machine is suitable for the plastic material suppressed craft, like flushes carries, is curving, the flange, the thin steel plate stretch and so on. Also may be engaged in the adjustment, the pressure attire, the grinding wheel takes shape, the cold extrusion metal parts takes shape, the plastic product and the powder product suppression takes shape the craft, after is joined to the blanking buffer mechanism to be possible to use in the punch holes, the material processing.

This machine has the independent actuating unit and the electrical system, and uses the button common control, may realize the adjustment, manual and the semiautomatic three operating mode.

This machine working pressure, the suppressed speed, the travelling schedule scope may need to carry on the adjustment according to the craft. And can complete the constant pressure and decide the regulation two crafts ways, craft of way the constant pressure has after the suppression guarantees presses with the time delay automatic return trip movement.

♦Photoelectricity protective device
♦Hydraulic system
♦The travelling schedule, the pressure, the time number reveal
♦The hydraulic system heats up, the cooling system
♦PLC programmable controller
♦Blanking buffer mechanism
♦The mold heats up and warm controls the installment
♦Trades the mold and rolls the bracket with the fluctuation guide rail

Technical specifications: