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Service hotline:0513-87382999/87380158
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  The Nantong Tengda forging and stamping machine tool factory is the hydraulic press and each kind of forging press specialized manufacture enterprise. Is located open coastal city Nantong, close neighbor Shanghai to the Yantai 204 countries routes and Jiangsu 316 provinces route. Tlie air harbor flight may go directly to places such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, belongs to China most to have the economic vitality the Yangtze River delta, the transportation facilitates extremely.

  The enterprise depends on many years to be engaged in the experience and the technolocjy which the hydraulic press and the forging and stamping equipment research production accumulates; take the general press; the high performance magnetic material takes shape the press, rare earth permanent magnetism takes shape the press, the completely automatic powder takes shape the press, the thin steel plate stretch press; the automobile carline takes shape the press, the Bolivian filament product takes shape the press, the non-ferrous metal liquid state takes shape the press as to lead the product, some four columns, Shan Zhu, frame and so on many kinds of structural style, specification from 100KN to 60000KN. The enterprise also may manufacture each kind of special-purpose hydraulic press, the mold and the product according to the user specific request design takes shape the production line.

  The enterprise has more than one batch of year profession and so on services and familiar magnetic material, Bolivian filament materials, powder metallurgy, thin steel plate stretch takes shape the equipment development to design the personnel and the craft technical personnel and with many universities, colleges and institutes, the scientific research institution establishment good cooperation relations, the product development strength and the technical service strength is abundant.

  The enterprise the area more than 40,000 square meters, the main production equipment has at present falls to the ground the boring milling machine, Dragon Gate digs the milling machine, inside and outside round grinder, the large-scale lathe and so on each kind of forging press, key production equipment 120 (set). The enterprise relies on the advanced technology and innovates unceasingly the spiritual and the consummation craft safeguard measure, the comprehensive quality guarantee system, by the fine quality, the reasonable price, the prompt quick pre-sale post-sale service and the technical support has won the domestic and foreign customers affirmation.

  The time entrusts with the development the space, the science and technology gives the growth the strength. My factory persisted throughout "the good faith, highly effective, practical, asks the essence" the enterprise spirit, "is in the lead, the quality reliably take the technology, the price is reasonable, the service first-class" as an own duty, We for the design, the manufacture most will suit your demand the product but sincerely to work diligendy, Welcome the domestic and foreign general customers to visit the instruction wholeheartedly!