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YTD05C series magnetic material automatic wet type automatic hydraulic press
YTD05C series magnetic material automatic wet type automatic hydraulic press

This series hydraulic press is in digests domestic and foreign advanced technical in the foundation, unifies our country magnetic material profession the characteristic independently to design, the manufacture the mechanical and electrical meter integration new product, it may widely use in each kind of ferrites material plant being suitable for ring-like, the tile shape,the block shape and each kind of different shape high performance wet type permanent magnet oxygen product production.

This series hydraulic press master cylinder travelling schedule speed uses the multistage velocity modulation, the user may act according to own product characteristic to carry on the adjustment, and guarantees the product the formed uniformity, the use "the fluctuation suppresses, lags behind the protection drawing of patterns" the craft, further enhanced the product qualified rate.

This series hydraulic press rigidity high, work floor spacious, magnetism return route is ideal. Uses, the low pressure combination high pumps for the oil way, reduced the power loss, the part beat integration, first the flange type structure, the hose connection, and uses the fat liquor cooling system, thus causes the machine performance further stably, attacks slightly, releases the dew point to be few. Uses imports PLC, the time relay control, enhanced the machine movement reliability, and has free time the mold to report to the police and so on the function.

♦Automatic note material organization (vacuum absorbing water, planet screw type stirring device, center, high pressure plunger pump organization)
♦Forced-air cooling type winding
♦Above 100,000 ampere turns water cooling winding
♦The popular type sufficiently degausses the system
♦The intelligence sufficiently degausses the system
♦Touches the type industry display monitor
♦Displacement pressure transmitters
♦Concave mold proportion fluctuation system

Technical specifications: